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What is Live Social Media Photography & Why is it Important?
We live in a world where people want access to information as quickly as possible. Live Social Media Photography means that you can post photos of your event as it is happening. This in turn can be a huge boost to numbers of attendees and press coverage. For multiday events this is particularly an advantage as it means on Day 1 of your event people can see what your event looked like and decide to come in person on the following day.

One of the things that makes us unique is we shoot with WiFi enabled cameras. Our cameras can create their own standalone WiFi signal and from there we can send images direct to a nearby iPhone, iPad or Android device. Because our cameras create the WiFi signal themselves we can operate anywhere – even when the venue itself has no WiFi or phone signal (including outdoors).

This means we can send our clients images as soon as we’ve taken them, straight out of our camera and direct to a nearby mobile phone or tablet (Android or iPhone). And from there you can post the images to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Telegram and other social media platforms.

This allows our clients to post photos direct from an event as it happens, so their followers around the world can see what is going on in almost realtime.

Case Study – Twilio Signal London Tech Conference at The Brewery, Porter Tun Rooms
We were recruited by the folks at Twilio to photograph the opening of their Signal London Conference, one of their key requirements was the ability for us to be able to send them a stream of photos in near real time to a member of their staff. During the conference we able to send the people at Twilio over 700 photos direct from our cameras to their Apple iPhones – from there they were able to use those images to provide a constant stream of updates for Facebook, Twitter and the other social media websites.

Below you can see a stream from their Twitter feed live from the event using our images


Here you can see our images being posted to Twitter whilst the event is taking place

Here you can see our images being posted to Facebook whilst the event is taking place

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